Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ingrown toenail, we can fix it so it never bothers you again at the Center for Ankle and Foot Care!!!

Ingrown toenail keeping you from really enjoying this Holiday Season?   Limping while looking for that ultimate Christmas gift for a loved one due to a painful toenail?  This does not have to happen!  At our office, The Center for Ankle and Foot Care, in Clermont Florida, we can fix that the same day. Like the video above says, Dr. McGowan and Dr. Henne are available daily and can get you in quickly to help you with whatever your foot or ankle problem may be.

Read on a little more to see if what you have is an ingrown nail.  If your symptoms sound familiar to below it would be wise to get in to see Dr. McGowan or Dr. Henne so you can continue to look for your gifts for friends and family without the pain!

People describe the pain as severe at times, and even describe difficulty sleeping due to the lightest touch like that of their sheet. Below are commonly described symptoms with an ingrown nail.
   The following symptoms may be present with ingrown toenails:
  • Pain
  • Redness and swelling
  • Drainage
  • Odor
  • Prominent skin tissue (proud flesh)
At the Center for Ankle and Foot Care, just like in podiatrist offices across the country, we have a simple in office procedure that literally only takes minutes to correct your  problem forever! (Unless you start to wear bad shoes or have trauma to the area!) 

Don't wait until it gets too bad to get in.  On the right you can see we only take a small portion of the nail. We put a medicine under the skin so the offending border of nail no longer grows.  In most cases you can barely tell you even had this simple in office procedure performed! Once the nail is ingrown there are not too many things you can do for yourself at home to make this better.  Call your foot doctor and get in right away!

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