Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thanks Santa, for the gift that tells me how much I really do not move:) (Actually my favorite present ever)

After all of the Prime Rib and Turkey with all of the "fixins" and treats that come along with the holidays, sometimes having Santa give you a reminder that you need to move is good! On Christmas morning I awoke to three kids ripping through presents like they were on a mission.  The excitement of this day for a 3,8 and 10 year old is too much for them to contain themselves. Usually, after the kids are done opening their presents and have already moved into the "I need a screwdriver to put batteries in this sucker" phase is when my husband, Tim, and I remember that Santa brought gifts for us too!

Our gifts from Santa are almost always health related or clothes/ sneakers to do something health related.  This year he stuck to this theme but the gifts were just a little different.  Santa brought us a Withings Pulse O2 Activity, Sleep, and Heart Rate + SPO2 Tracker, which is in line with the Fitbit type tracker.  But Santa knew that we needed to have a screen, being very American and requiring instant gratification. Plus we wanted to be able to pass by each other and immediately tell each other who is working harder by looking at our wrist not having to go to our cell phone to get this information, by then we might be too lazy to brag about who works harder!

Santa also thought it would be a great idea to purchase a group gift for Tim and I, he got us the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer.  This was not a gift I think I would ever be excited about. Most women over 40, we don't usually do back flips over a gift like this, a fancy scale!  A fancy scale that talks to my phone through my WiFi and tells my phone how much I weigh, my body fat percentage, heart rate and continuous indoor air quality.  That last one, indoor air quality, I still don't completely understand.
There was an easy set up for the scale that was simple enough for anyone to figure out.  The scale becomes, a I think, an important component to the whole process.  It is like why programs like Weight Watchers are so successful, accountability, there right in your face, makes a huge difference in some peoples actions.

I would not usually review a product so quickly but in all honesty, in just one week Tim and I have broken many bad habits due to "the power of the Withings."  The features of the tracker are the following: it monitors all of my steps from the moment I get up until I set it to sleep mode at night.  It also tracks elevation, heart rate, distance, calories and is a watch. I have to say I was truly surprised my first day back at work at how hard it was to get past 5,000 steps.  I am constantly moving when I am at work, running from patient treatment room to treatment room.  So I thought by 5pm I would be over 10,000 steps, wrong! I was tired after my first day back  from Christmas vacation but my Withings said I only burned 150 calories and walked 5,000 steps so I had to show this watch who was boss and I got on the treadmill until I was over 10,000 steps.  Yes, this is crazy but if it keeps the competitive individual from getting lax then I am all for it.  My husband Tim not wanting to be outdone also wanted to show the watch who was boss, but his approach was a little different. Actually, he used the clip accessory and attached it to our dog, he says it was a joke but I will be suspicious if he starts doing 20,000 steps every day:)

Like any exercise program or diet the hardest part is sometimes just starting.  This is a great way to start something new and have some accountability.  Tim and I have a daily challenge of who has completed more steps and this is a friendly competition.  I personally have made better food choices as well, just in case the scale mixes up our weights and Tim starts getting my body fat percentage and weight.

So my thoughts are, no band will make you magically "fit".  Only eating right and exercising daily will truly do this but a fitness tracker like the Withings and the scale  is a nice way to have some accountability and maybe inspire those of us who think we are working hard to push ourselves just a little more to stay healthy. The App for the Withings is available on Iphone and Android phones and gives you the ability to challenge friends or spouses daily and lets you know who is winning, I am all about winning:)

I believe Santa may have bought these items on Amazon as he would have gotten the best prices. I included a link to both if you are interested in taking "steps" in the right direction for your health.

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