Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer shoes that keep your feet happy!

As the weather get warmer, we start wearing our flip flops and sandals.  It's time to get our feet back into the fresh air.  But far to often, after only a week or so of enjoying the foot freedom many of us suffer from foot pain!  The right shoe selection for your summer of fun starts with good support, but that doesn't mean you have to give up your style.  We have put together our whose who list of best summer fun shoes that won't leave you feeling like a flat tire.

Flip Flops & Sandals Our Top Picks:
So as foot doctors, we are supposed to hate flip flops. But Dr. Henne and myself wear flip flops all of the time living in Florida, where our climate permits this type of reckless behavior:) What we wear though is not cheapy flip flops.  Here are our top favorites and why:

1. Fitflop:  The Fitflop is one of my personal favorites because of comfort, style and they make me look a little taller. This is not the best choice if you are a little unsteady on your feet or have balance issues, but is great for giving your feet a super comfy feel. If you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain this flip flop is a great shock absorber that helps distribute the pressure on the bottom surface on your feet better.  I would not choose the walk around Disney in this type of flop but would definitely spend hours in them on a normal summer day for everyday life tasks.  Fitflops will run you anywhere from $50 to $110 but this is money well spent on shoes that will last for multiple summers!

2. Vionic:  This is a brand you really can not go wrong with at all.  I got my first pair of Vionic sports recovery flip flops 3 years ago and they are still in great condition.  When I paid $79 for a pair of flip flops I did think for a minute I may have lost my mind.  But the return on this investment has been great! These shoes have now become my go to quick shoe to go in for most casual occasions.  I also wear these flip flops around the house to prevent my plantar fasciitis from coming back.  Vionic has been touted by the shoe industry, as the shoe to help decrease your pronation. This type of movement in your feet causes many different problems in the foot and ankle that we see on a regular occasion. Vionic flip flops and sandals will run between $50 and $130, they are on the expensive side but offer a wide variety of stylish shoes that will not hurt your feet.

3. Merrell's:  This is the sporty persons sandal and flip flop brand.  Merrell thinks about the active adult when making these shoes.  The grip on the bottom of most Merrell flip flops and sandals look like hiking shoes, which makes that impromptu hike from the beach possible! The traction on these flip flops and sandals are really their claim to fame and will protect you on wet surfaces from slipping. Many Merrell's come equipped with an anti-microbial technology to keep your flip flops smelling fresh.  I have two pair of Merrell's one sandal and one flip flop.  I love my sandals, especially on a beach vacation.  We can go from beach to bike ride and then hike without have to change shoes.  Merrell's will run you anywhere from $70 to $130 but very much so worth the price as you will have these shoes for a long time.

4.Spenco: Ok, so you don't want to spend so much money on shoes but you still want some support rather than the cheapy flip flops you currently have crumbling in your closet from last year.  Spenco is a brand that developed from a company that makes arch supports.  They got into the sandal and flip flop game a couple years back and have had some nice success with being an alternative to the expensive guys.  I will be completely honest and say that I do not own a pair of Spenco flip flops or sandals, but this is mainly because I already had Fitflops and Vionics before Spenco started making this type of shoe.  I can tell you that have I have directed several patients toward this type of shoe and they have been happy with fit and price! You can get a pair of Spenco flip flops or sandals starting at around $40 but the styles are just a little less impressive than the other brands.