Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kids making us "step" up our game!

Two weeks ago we started our family journey of stepping together.  Our two oldest children challenged us that they would easily beat myself and my husband on a daily basis counting our steps. Our last blog we shared the details of how this started and today is our update.

The kids watches came in the mail on a Wednesday.  The first week they only logged three days officially. Our oldest racked up 59,163 steps in three days and our middle child, who had an ear infection and did not seem very active still managed to get 44,383 steps in three days. Considering that the universally accepted goal is 10,000 steps, my kids numbers were already starting to make my husband and myself a little nervous.  So much so that Tim and I found ourselves jogging in place like total weirdos when no one was looking. The first week the kids had their watches was the first week Tim and I both had more than 90,000 steps.  Up until the challenge with kids we both were averaging 75,000 steps but we didn't want to beat by kids!

Tim started to get really nervous the following week and started running in place all the time. I'm not sure if he was even doing it in rooms while seeing patients because he pulled out the big numbers week two.  He broke 100,000 steps to crush the spirits of the 10 and 9 year old children (and a 41 year old lady).  The children that did more laying in the pool and watching "Teen Titans Go" and they still managed to post steps in the 80,000.

I took a different approach to try and equalize the playing field.  I would pick kids up from camp and then put them in the pool while I ran around the pool.  Suckers!   While they were floating and hitting each other with noodles, I was sure to beat them right? Wrong, I still got my butt kicked by a 10 year old who does not like to lose!  Lily pulled up 1,000 more steps than me getting to 89,000 steps!

Now we are in week 3 of our challenge with 5 days left.  Our 10 year old came home from camp on Monday with 17,000 steps.  She means complete and total business this week.  So we did what every good parent would do.  We put the children to bed by 9pm, and Tim and I jogged in place for 5,000 steps each extra to beat her by 1,000 steps.  The next morning our daughter lost her mind and she vowed to beat us this week.  Our current numbers are here.  But this challenge truly has mad me move more than ever.  Moving like a child is hard and takes a lot of work.  I have even lost 3 pounds in the last week and a half, but this could be attributed to the late night snack being replaced by the weirdo running in place to try to surpass a 10 year old.

We are continuing to let our kids to inspire us and make us move more.   The watches we are using are the Withings Pop Activate, these watches are water proof and even log swimming, so I may have to keep the kids out of the pool if I really want to win! We have the scale below too that helps me stay on target! Happy stepping everyone!!!!!