Saturday, November 9, 2013

What High Heels Can Do...Don't let your heels get you down

Recently I came across this news article and thought it was interesting. Being a woman myself, who can resist the urge of new shoes? Everyone who's ever watch Sex and the City all oohed and ahhhed at the closet full of clothes and shoes. This new scanning technology at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London, England allows them to see the function of the foot while wearing the shoes.

However, the concern is that this isn't an adequate tool for diagnosing because it does not show you the pressure distribution. The other argument is that the foot pain could have been a result from previous injury. Preventing woman from wearing high heels is practically impossible but what you can do is wear in moderation and some are better than others. Limiting the time you wear heels so that you relief the pressure from the foot. The height of the heel also play an important role because the higher it is the more stress you will put the front of the foot. Wearing ones that put less strain on the feet such as wedges that provide more support. I think this picture was very educational in describing what heels can do.

So before you put on those heels for your holiday parties, remember what this could be doing to your feet and body!  If your feet are bugging you from wearing heels, come and see Dr. Henne or Dr. McGowan for all for you foot and ankle problems. Call our office at 352-242-2502 to make an appointment.