Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More importantly, why you shouldn't waste too much time or money on ICD-10 minutia!

The answer to why you should not waste too much time or effort on the minutia codes of ICD-10 has a lot to do with how great most EMR's are with the codes.  I was playing around with my EMR as I was seeing an ankle sprain in my office today for an initial visit and this is what I got in a split second after clicking on the diagnosis of ankle sprain:
I have to say, if your EMR is not doing this for you with such ease, you may have more difficulty than it is worth navigating through the ICD-10 changes.

Yes, you should have quick reference for your most common diagnosis and procedures for podiatry.  But don't get lost in all the codes, if your EMR is up to snuff the codes will be there for you when someone walks in with a displaced talar neck fracture.

I recommend playing around with your EMR and making sure it is already set to do this for you, and if not you need to find out why.  This is a process that your EMR should be ready for well before October 1st, 2015.


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