Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don't let your feet take a beating this Thanksgiving Season! Keep your feet feel happy with Vionic Shoes

About a year ago I reviewed the Vionic (Orthaheel) Shoe and Sandal Line. If you know Dr. Henne and myself, Dr. McGowan, we are very skeptical individuals. Not only do we want to know something works before we pass it on to our patients, we would rather try it for ourselves before making a tried and true recommendation for something.

The Orthaheel shoe line was developed by an Australian Podiatrist with already built in orthotic support. This company was recently bought by Vionic.  The whole line has the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval, which not many products have. The Vionic 44 Cascade Flip Flop I reviewed was my first choice when I first saw the line of Orthaheel/ Vionic shoes. This is a sporty but very delicate looking active sandal.  With Thanksgiving this week, a classic holiday where we stand for hours cooking, I wanted to remind you to support your feet!  Standing for hours preparing a big delicious meal can be torture to your feet.  There is probably no better brand than Vionic to support your feet during the Holidays!
Here was my review a year ago about this shoe:

I will tell you that the moment I put this flip flop on, I wanted to take back every bad thing I have ever said about flip flops! I immediately felt support that I think my feet have been lacking, even in my good athletic sneakers. Because I felt so much support I was nervous to wear them for a full day, echoing the sentiment we give when fitting an individual with custom and over the counter orthotics or inserts in their shoes. We tell them to slowly break them in a couple hours at a time, increasing it slightly each day. I don't know if this was overkill, but I think that I would recommend this before going all day in them, mainly because that is what I did and it worked great.

So I have worn these sandals for last 3 weeks. I have had no problems and my feet feel great. These shoes are touted and praised for a perfect after sports recovery sandal.
Here is what I currently think today:
I agree with all of the above and these shoes get my seal of approval:) They retail at $99, this is money well spent especially for all of my patients who refuse to wear anything other than flip flops but come in complaining of foot pain. I finally have an alternative for these patients that I feel good about.

The Vionic shoes are not just sandals or flip flops.  There are many shoes to choose from and I included a couple links that are from FootSmart, that has a huge selection of the Vionic Shoes.
Since I first wrote this blog I have purchased the Orthaheel sneakers and I absolutely love the extra support I get from such a well thought out shoe like Vionic offers.

Dr. Henne believes that my reviews are a sneaky way for me to buy all new shoes but this is science here, I want to make sure these work for our patients:) If you would like to learn more about these shoes visit us online at:


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