Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 8 Fantasy Football: Dog attacks, Halloween and Terrible Refs During the Penn State Football Game!!!

This has been a crazy week for the "2 Pods and a Microphone Family"!  Of course every great podcast deserves a little "off week" and for us, this might just be the one.  This week on Tuesday our oldest dog heard a noise outside at 3 am and decided to try to defend the house by leaping out the doggy door and she quickly realized that this was not a great idea.  We were awoken to the noise of growling, doggy screams and blood.  Being the amazing foot doctors that we are, we noticed a scratch on "Suepa's" foot. (Our dog is named after the late great Joe Paterno, actually she is named after his wife because when we went to get a dog, and she was a girl, we went with Suepa instead of Joepa. I am not a big fan of naming dogs not gender appropriate names, like I wouldn't name a girl dog Max or a boy dog Tinkerbell, I just think that is wrong on some level).

So Suepa had this scratch on her paw, great, we are foot doctors, not such a far cry from what we already do for a living.  We washed her paw and started to go back to bed until we saw Suepa jump back on the bed, that's when we noticed two huge gashes on her left shoulder full thickness through the skin into what I call her meat and potatoes.  Her fur was hiding these gashes.  We then went back to the flushing out of wounds.  We brought her to the vet, where she underwent surgery and was sutured up.  All of this happening at the same time we are getting many stressful email demands from 3 different teachers about the very critical event in all three of our children's academic career that required immediate attention, the Halloween party!

I believe this is a pretty good excuse, for a sub par podcast.  Then when you add in the Penn State vs.    
Ohio State Football game last night, it only added to the distraction of the lack of foot and ankle injuries in the NFL for week 8.  The officiating of the Penn State football game last night was so very reprehensible.  If you happened to watch that game, you may have gained the perspective that refs are not always good.  The first bad call was the interception by Ohio State back Vonn Bell, that was o
bvious the ball hit the ground, from every angle they showed, but Ohio State was still given the ball! "IT HIT THE TURF REF COME ON" was being screamed at our TV. (You know that always makes you feel better to yell at the screen even though they can not hear you.)

I couldn't help but think, after seeing such a bad call, the refs are going to try to make this up somehow.  So of course, I was in complete shock when I watched the play clock dip below zero and still watch the refs let the field goal play of Ohio State continue.  So the Ohio State team was able to convert the field goal after an expiration of the play clock, wow! Later in the game Pen State would have to argue for time to be put back on the clock, and only be given 10 of the 16 seconds owed to them.  In football 6 seconds is a big deal, unless you are Ohio State then you can play even after time has expired!

This game went into overtime and it was a close one. If the officiating was better maybe Penn State would have won but you never know with football. If you are a Penn State Football fan then you know we would have won:)

Suepa update: below with our youngest daughter she is resting comfortably and we pulled her drain yesterday. We do not know what she was attacked by since we live in the country.  We have bears, bobcat, coyote, armadillo, racoons and possum to name a few.  All of Suepa's shots are up to date and she looks really great 4 days after being attacked.

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  1. I'm glad that you went on to explain Suepa's name because I was pronouncing it wrong in my head as I read your account! I was thinking in a Spanish vernacular, but then it made sense as I read on! Glad she is on the mend. Never a dull moment in the amazing foot docs Life!