Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 4 Fantasy Football Challenges and this weeks Bye week teams.

First and foremost, if you are new to fantasy football you need to check and make sure your team is not on a bye week!  So the following teams have a bye week this week:

Week 4 Bye week teams
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Denver Broncos
  • St. Louis Rams
  • Seattle Seahawks

What does this mean to you? YOU NEED TO CHECK YOUR LINE UP! Make sure you have no one on your starting line up that is not playing.  This is going to be especially important during Weeks 4, 9 and 10. These are the weeks that the most teams are on a Bye week at one time.  

If you are like me, you probably have a couple really great picks that you drafted or have acquired from the waiver wire of the last couple weeks. Some of these players are not playing this week, so what do you do? Well my bench is not as deep as I would like it to be and I have had to be creative trying to figure out who I should pick up or drop for that matter. I always say trust your gut instinct but if your gut is wrong more than two times in a row then it is time to listen to the experts:) 

Right now I am following a couple of the pro-forecasters for NFL fantasy football on Twitter.  That's right folks, I said twitter!  My name is Michele McGowan and I am on Twitter. There it feels good to get that off  my chest.  But there are a lot of good credible people that give advice on Twitter. These are some of my favorites. 

Who to follow on Twitter:
-  @BleacherReport 
-  @ESPNMondayNight 
-  @NFLFantasyTalk 
-  @Michael_Fabiano 

This list is in now way complete, as there are so many great people that just give this advice for free.  My husband gives advice for free too but for some reason I trust these people so much more:)

As two podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeons, Dr. Henne and myself can give you advice on injuries of the lower extremity for your fantasy football roster. We explain what the big foot or ankle of your start player can mean for the short term and long term.  Our Podcast is available on iTunes every Sunday morning, you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and have it automatically downloaded so you can listen for any last minute injuries of your players or go to our webpage at and listen to the Podcast directly from the webpage.

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